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SKU: Pol-K

The polonium is made to be a quiet, duty rated, hard use, 5.56 suppressor. Just as much at home on a mk18 getting hammered with heavy strings of fire as it is on a DMR/SPR set up where ultimate suppression is the goal. The unique look comes from external weight reduction, removing all unnecessary material to keep the weight down but still as strong as possible – this results in a suppressor that has 10% more surface area and a lower weight that sheds heat faster and cools down quicker.


The polonium is made in in both standard and K configuration. While the K version is slightly louder it is also: lighter, shorter and lower back pressure.


The polonium uses a 6mm bore that is compatible with any 6mm/.243 cartridges.


The highly effective built in internal and external flash hider offer superior flash and signature reduction over the competition when using night vision.


The Polonium features industry standard universal 1.375×24 rear threads so you can pick what mounting system best fits your needs.

  • Specs

    Made from H900 heat treated 17-4 stainless steel and constructed as a tubeless design the specs are as followed:

    • Length: Polonium 5.8” – Polonium K 4.8″ (no mount)
    • Weight: Polonium 13.5 oz – Polonium-K 11.5 oz (no mount)
    • OD: 1.625”
    • 137 dB on 11.5” 5.56 SBR with BK 2209
    • 37.7 PewScience rating (currently #1 5.56 suppressor)
  • All NFA Rules Apply

    To place an order, you must live in the USA in a state that allows ownership of silencers. This item is restricted and can only ship to Class 3 FFL dealers. To best speed your order processing, please have your Class 3 FFL email us their FFL and current SOT before or soon after you order .


  • Warranty

    Otter Creek Labs warranty their silencers with a lifetime warranty for repair or replacement so long as the minimum barrel length restrictions and semi auto firing schedule are followed. 

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